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Blueberry – from the base to the top

Our beginnings related to blueberry go way back 14 years ago, to 2006, when almost no one in Serbia knew what does a blueberry fruit even look, and yet taste like. The idea of growing a cultivated, highly-bushy blueberry in this region was born with the need to satisfy the needy European market with this blue gold in June.

From the initial idea, the first experimental plantations, development and defining of the new technology for production, choosing the right assortment that will satisfy the tastes of everyone who are included in the chain, from suppliers to exporters, merchants, and consumers from all over Europe, primarily from the Netherlands, has been more than 7 years.

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It was the only way to approach this expensive production process – reduce the risks to a minimum, as much as possible.

When we had set a foundation for a healthy beginning, we bravely started with the venture, in which, if we started only 7 years earlier, we would make a million mistakes for sure.

It was a rocky road because every year was speaking for itself, and bringing completely new challenges and unknowns. From year to year, from season to season, as the best possible growth technology was defined, our group of fresh blueberry producers was becoming clearer, bringing its own signature to this whole idea, for the common good of the entire group of blueberry producers from Sabac, or how we call them, Blusers.

We set off with the idea to have organized production on the area of the 100ha, with the average yield of around 15t/ha per full fruit yield, and all with the goal to satisfy the needs for the fresh blueberry during June, of our partner from the Netherlands. And after all this time, we are very close to achieving that goal.

Today, almost fifteen years since it all began, we can proudly say that we are leaders in technological production, quality, placement, employee relations, far-reaching ideas, as well as in social responsibility.

Blusers from Sabac have their own life motto: “Tree relies on tree, and man to man.”