Fresh Cloud ™ Storage Insights

FreshCloud™ Storage Insights is a technology which completes the already existent methods for tracking apples stored in the different types of cold chambers.

This technology is based on taking an air sample from the chamber, measuring volatile compounds from the atmosphere of the cold chambers, during the storage season. Volatile substances are formed as a result of fruit metabolism. Every three weeks quantitative and qualitative analysis of these substances is conducted, in order to show the changes that happen in the fruit, and which are an extremely useful tool that helps us to decide when to open the storage unit and start selling the apples.

FreshCloud™ Storage Insights is used in chambers with the normal level of controlled atmosphere. In the chambers where there is apple treated or untreated with SmartFresh™ ProTab, as well as an apple from organic and conventional production.

Interpreting FreshCloud™ Storage Insights indicators

Interpreting the index you can get information about the apple’s potential in a certain keeping storage chamber.

FreshCloud Storage Insight is a qualitative system that analyses the presence, type, and concentration of the volatile substances, by using the specific algorithm, which is done every three weeks. The algorithm transforms the analyzed data into a numeric value – an index according to which cold chambers are split into three categories.

Green index chamber means that there is a very little risk during the apple store, therefore, the keeping potential is higher.

The yellow index chamber shows that there is increased metabolic activity of the fruit. If the mentioned metabolic activity is confirmed in the further analysis as well, then the index points to the potential forming of the biotic or physiological diseases, during the longer storage time of the apple.

Chambers with the red index show increased presence of the fruits with the symptoms of the physiological and biotic diseases. If the red index is still there, after the next analysis, a quick opening of that chamber is recommended, as well as the apple sales, before the damage percentage rises.

AgroFresh and Glory Fruit service

FreshCloud™ Storage Insights technology is now available in all commercial cooling chambers in Serbia.

  • Qualified personnel takes the air sample from the chambers every 3 weeks, during the time the apple is stored, runs the analysis, and presents their results.
  • The presence of volatile substances is analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively for each individual chamber.
  • Determining and updating the index is done every 3 weeks, after taking the samples.

Service users have access to data through the FreshCloud™ Storage Insights platform, via the web page