About us

Who are we and how did we get here

GLORY FRUIT DREAM CONSULT is a family consultant company specialized in the field of fruit growing.

Our focus is on finding the new technologies from around the world, and transferring and implementing them in our fruit business, with the goal to achieve better results.

Considering that we were practically born and raised in an orchard, ever since the young age we have known what do we want to be when we grow up, by working all possible jobs one fruit grower can and must do, the sole fruit production isn’t unknown territory for us, but, on the contrary, it is an open book, needed to be read every day.

During and after school time, we’ve been doing a lot of traveling and discovered many already-applied innovations for fruit production in many countries around the world. That’s how we realized, almost 16 years ago, that the best way to contribute and bring improvements to the Serbian fruit growing is to share this immensely valuable knowledge and to apply it in every-day business.

Through the various forms of business models and cooperation with many successful companies, we’ve managed to come where we are today. Today, we are practically living a dream we had 16 years ago, together with our business partners, satisfied users of our services, and over satisfied fruit consumers, which is the case thanks to our joint efforts and the will to learn, share and to perfect our mutual knowledge, to the general satisfaction of all those who value and seek quality products.

Our primary activities are focused on the three very dynamic types of fruit production, which are improved on a daily basis.

We specialized closely for:

  • Technology for production and quality control of the freshly cultivated blueberry (key-in-hand system, advices, fertigation  programs, plant protection programs, interventions…)
  • Storage of the apple fruit with the application of the American “SmartFresh ProTabs Quality System” and “Fresh Cloud Storage Insights”, from the AgroFresh company (www.agrofresh.com), as authorized service provider.
  • Implementation and tracking the quality standards and social responsibility (Global Gap, Smeta, Grasp) in agriculture (fruit growing, vegetables growing…)

No one can know and be the best in everything, so we also know where we stand with our knowledge, together with our partners from the USA, Italy, France, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, and Poland, which are always there for us, and along with that, for our customers.

In the modern fruit growing, risks are huge, because of which they should be minimized at the beginning, so the investment should pay off in the shortest possible time, in order to make a profit.