SmartFresh ProTabs

Proven and reliable SmartFresh™ technology is now more efficient and better formulated

SmartFresh™ ProTabs is a mean from the group of growth regulators, designed to protect the plants, which works by inhibiting different ethylene effects on herbal products. It is meant only to be used in chambers for keeping fruits and vegetables.

SmartFresh™ ProTabs is used for maintaining the quality of the apple and pear (slowing the ripening) and for reducing the risk from any surface changes during the storage process. For pear, SmartFresh™ ProTabs is used to reduce the effects of overripening and mechanical damage. When used on plum, SmartFresh™ ProTabs maintains the firmness of fruit and prevents darkening of the mesocarp, and when it is used on the tomato fruit, it postpones getting to advanced ripening phase (late red coloring), loss of the firmness of fruit, and makes sure they keep their freshness.

SmartFresh™ ProTabs is available in the form of the pills, which requires combined use with the SmartFresh™ ProActivator and SmartFresh™ ProPack solution, for the releasing steam that blocks the effects of ethylene.

What is the SmartFresh Quality System?

SmartFresh Quality System is a technology that completes the already existent methods for fruit preservation, based on the SmartFresh™ ProTabs. SmartFresh™ ProTabs, whose active substance is 1-methyl cyclopropane (1-MCP), has been registered in Serbia since 2017 for its usage in the storage of apples, pears, plums, and tomatoes.

Thanks to the SmartFresh Quality System, fresh looks and high-quality fruits will last much longer.

How to use SmartFresh?

Its application is done nearly after the fruit harvest, which is a maximum of 7 days from the fruit’s first entry in the chamber. The condition for a successful application is for the fruit to be in the right maturity phase (checked with an iodine-starch test), as well as having well-sealed chambers, during the application time, as well as before, during the chamber filling.

Before and after the application, fruit samples are taken in order to check the key parameters (firmness, ethylene level, starch, Brix…). Application is done exclusively by a team of skilled operators, trained by AgroFresh, based on recommendations and requests from AgroFresh.

What using SmartFresh Quality System allows manufacturers?

It allows the extension of the fruit storage time in the regular cold storage chamber, without the loss of high quality (the effect similar to the controlled atmosphere for the first 3-4 months, depending on the sort).

Apples are capable of preserving high firmness, freshness, and taste, which are characteristic of freshly-ripped fruits, for a longer amount of time. This effect is visible even after the apple is taken from the cold storage, during their sale, when they are under the effect of the higher temperatures. Thanks to the SmartFresh™ ProTabs, after the storage, the apple’s flaw related to transpiration is barely noticeable because it slows down the breathing of fruits, and therefore reducing the electric energy, with the cooling equipment and CO2 absorbers.

Using SmartFresh™ ProTabs allows you to reduce your losses in the storage, including those caused by changes on the surface of fruits. The period after chamber opening is extended, without losing the quality. During the tests done in the supermarkets, consumers definitely chose SmartFresh™ ProTabs fruits because of their juiciness, firmness, fresh taste, and smell. Merchants have reported lower losses, more beautiful looks of the fruit on the shelf, and a faster sale.


SmartFresh™ ProTabs is completely safe to use for consumers, manufacturers, and the environment. It is confirmed by certified bodies from the 33 countries.


SmartFresh™ ProTabs is registered in the following countries: Poland, China, Korea, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Turkey, Great Britain, Uzbekistan, Argentina, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand.

Apart from being used on apples, SmartFresh™ ProTabs is used on pears, plums, kiwi, avocado, kaki, bananas, tomato, and also for flowers, under the name of EthylBloc.

Energy Consumption while storage

Research done in many European countries confirms the energy savings, related to the reduced breathing (releasing of heat and carbon-dioxide) during the fruit storage, thanks to the SmartFresh Quality System.

Services included in the SmartFresh Quality System:

  • Determining the client’s individual needs;
  • Measuring the size (volume) of the chamber;
  • Testing the chamber tightness (in the case of regular storage units);
  • Giving recommendations;
  • Applying SmartFresh™ ProTabs system (if all fruit parameters are in line with the recommendations and requests);
  • Fruit sampling;
  • Conducting the necessary measurements before and after the application;
  • Delivering the results to the customer.

Fruit quality parameters

In order to achieve expected results with the SmartFresh™ ProTabs, compared to the planned period of keeping, SmartFresh ProTabs must be used on the good-quality fruit.

SmartFresh ProTabs is used on almost all sorts of apple.

SmartFresh shouldn’t be used on fruits that have fungal and physiological diseases. Also, damage done by pests, hail, sunburns, or cracks diminishes the effect of SmartFresh.

Harvest, transport from the orchard to the cold storage should be optimal:

  • Quality of the fruit should be preserved during the harvest and transport;
  • Full packaging shouldn’t be used to Sun after the harvest;
  • Fruit should be put in the cold storage right after the harvest, on the same day.

The effects of fruit ripeness on the application of SmartFresh™ ProTabs

SmartFresh diminishes negative effects from ethylene, but its full efficiency usually depends on the right moment of its application. It is in close relations with the maturity phase of the fruit (harvest date), and the time that passes between the harvest and the application.

Therefore, it is important to follow the recommendations and regulations, given by AgroFresh, depending on the climate in Serbia.


Safe transport of the apple, after the application of the SmartFresh ProTabs technology

Checking maturity parameters (sugar content, fruit firmness, iodine-starch test)